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Company Background

As the General Marketing and Services Representative (GMSR) for IBM, Saudi Penetration Testing Company (SPTC) is well positioned as the leading IBM partner and services provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As a strategic partner on this key initiative, SPTC brings real value and benefits in several areas as stated below:

  • The largest End-To-End IT Solution/Service Provider and System integrator for all IT needs of our customers’ (Largest in terms of both customer base and revenue).
  • SPTC has the largest pool of in-house resources that consists of Domain / Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Technical and Functional Consultants, System Engineers and Support Staff who has exceptional skill and expertise in deployment of the solution.
  • SPTC is a flexible organization adoptive to the changing needs of our customers’ while being sensitive to the cultural and professional requirements of Saudi Customers.
  • SPTC has vast experience in Saudi market across all industry segments (Government, Telecoms, Banks, Healthcare, Energy, etc.) and is the preferred System Integrator for large number of leading corporations in the Kingdom.
  • Access to IBM’s worldwide practices, resources and knowledge bases to implement major IT solutions in Saudi Arabia.
  • Proven competency in product development and delivering mission critical, large-scale, geographically dispersed IT projects with history of excellent customer service.
  • Local expertise and capability in transfer of skills and knowledge to allow organizations to be able to effectively operate the proposed solutions.

Company Registration Information

Full legal name:   Penetration Testing Company for Cyber Security.

Commercial Registration:   2051228100.

All SPTC documents are provided upon request with proposal.

Company Business Address:

Penetration Testing Company for Cyber Security

P.O. Box: 3622

Khobar, 31311

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



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